SAT 2013 about to begin!

We have selected our 2013 cohort of passionate and dedicated young leaders and activists, and we are ready to begin our training tomorrow! They will experience four days of intense training, skills building, community bonding, and life-changing experiences!

This year as part of their training, SAT participants will be participating in street theater action in downtown L.A. We will be having a performance designed to spread awareness about immigration reform and to let our community members know what they can do to create change.

If you’re interested in joining us, check out the information below or visit our Facebook event! We look forward to seeing you there!

On this coming Sunday, July 14th we will be having a flash street theater demo at the MTA Vermont/Wilshire  Station from 10-11am. Please arrive no later than 9:45am and wear a yellow shirt. 

A brief description of the performance:

There will be two groups of participants. A smaller group will serve as the “Southern Border Patrol” and the second larger group would be “The Immigrants.”

“The Immigrants” would be lined up single file in yellow shirts. Each shirt would have a specific country as well as the number of years they can expect to be in backlog. (We will provide this.)

As an “Immigrant” approached the militant looking “Border Patrol” they will have an exchange, essentially the patrol officer denying them entry because of one of the reasons our immigration system is broken (discrimination, e-verify, undocumented, deportations without due process, etc.). The “Immigrant” will then be sent into deportation proceedings or to the back of the line.

Throughout the flash demonstration, one of the members of our coalition will be using a scripted informative piece that shares what the purpose of the demonstration is. We would discuss the impetus behind the demonstration (lack of awareness of how immigration reform affects our communities) and what we as individuals and as a community can do to create change, including the contact number of local/state representatives.

We look forward to you and your organizations joining us this Sunday. If you are interested, please email with an estimate of how many participants you will be bringing with you.

If you are interested in our program and want to learn more, feel free to browse our site.

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