Vision, Mission, Values


Summer Activist Training (SAT) envisions a robust and sustainable movement of progressive Asian American & Pacific Islander organizers, activists, and community organizations, working together to ensure a socially just world.


Summer Activist Training’s mission is to grow a progressive community of young organizers and activists by:

  • Sustaining a pipeline of young, new API organizers and activists who support and build upon the work of progressive Asian American & Pacific Islander community organizations in the greater Los Angeles area
  • Providing foundational organizing skills trainings
  • Building a network of current and past participants and sponsoring organizations invested in building a progressive movement together


  • Challenging existing power relations. SAT believes in challenging unequal and unjust power relations in the status quo.
  • Investing in people. SAT believes in organizing people and practicing shared leadership as fundamental to effecting positive social change.
  • Strategic decision-making. SAT believes in cultivating the ability to assess situations and identify and carry out effective organizing strategies.
  • Coalitional movement building. SAT believes in fostering an interconnected movement built on a common understanding of the power of coalitions.